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Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up The sixth stage was “polarization”, which is achieved by propaganda. The seventh stage was “preparation” T he eighth “persecution”, where Assam and Kashmir currently were. T he ninth stage is “extermination” and; The tenth stage is “denial”.

Kashmir stag in hindi

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Image – kashmirobserver. The Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JKLI) will be collaborating with the Jammu and Kashmir Forest Department to help save the Kashmiri Stag (also know as Red deer or Hangul) in the Dachigam National Park. The stag is known for its reddish coat and two antlers. The Scientific name of Kashmir Stag is Cervus elaphus hanglu.

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Sides and limbs are paler. The Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JKLI) will be collaborating with the Jammu and Kashmir Forest Department to help save the Kashmiri Stag (also know as Red deer or Hangul) in the Dachigam National Park.

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Kashmir stag in hindi

Movement of people and freedom of the press are restricted. India has cut off internet communications 2019-10-27 · India arrests senior Kashmir leader. Pro-India Kashmiri politician Farooq Abdullah, 82, has been arrested under a controversial law that allows authorities to imprison someone for up to two years Contextual translation of "kashmir essay" into Hindi.

Kashmir stag in hindi

Those who are lucky enough to see the athletic, copper-coloured male of the species will not forget its spectacular, multi-pronged antlers.
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Kashmir stag in hindi

Later kashmir red stag was categorised as the subspecies of elk after the mitochondrial DNA genetic study revealed that it belongs to the Asian family of elk. 2018-03-28 · Kashmir stag (hangul) – Critically endangered – state animal of Jammu & Kashmir. It was in news ( Here, Here) subspecies of elk native to India (endemic to Jammu and Kashmir) Habitat — dense riverine forests in the high valleys and mountains of the Kashmir Valley and northern Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh.

Gujarati ગુજરાતી , Hindi हिन्दी , Konkani कोंकणी , Kannada ಕನ್ನಡ , Kashmiri  22 Mar 2021 Jammu and Kashmir, Indian territory located in the northern part of the rare hangul (or Kashmir stag) found in Dachigam National Park, The union territory's official languages are Urdu, English, Kashmiri, Dogri 16 Mar 2011 The Kashmir stag (Cervus elaphus hanglu), also called hangul, is a subspecies of Red Deer native to northern Pakistan and India, especially in Jammu and Kashmir where it is the state animal. Common Hindi Names.
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In the 1940s, the population was between 3000 and 5000 individuals, but since then habitat destruction, over-grazing by domestic livestock and poaching have re The Kashmir stag (Cervus hanglu hanglu), also called Hangul, formerly considered as a subspecies of elk, is native to Indian administered Kashmir Valley and The 'hangul, one of India's most magnificent deer, is in danger.There are only 115 of them left in the world, and they can be found at the Dachigam National Kashmir stag is a herbivores animal, they feeds on flowers, leaves, and tender shoots of shrubs. The weight of male Kashmir stag is between 150 to 250 kg., and weight of female is between 100 to 160 kg. Head to body length measures about 180 to 220 cm. Sides and limbs are paler. Belly in males is dark brown in color. Kashmir region is home to rare species of animals, many of which are protected by sanctuaries and reserves. The Dachigam National Park in the Valley holds the last viable population of Kashmir stag (Hangul) and the largest population of black bear in Asia.